Need is the mother of invention. Periodicals play a vital role in keeping abreast of the latest medical research. Central Library has total of 34 journals including 18 Indian and 16 foreign journals . Those different 34 journals helps to enhance the medical knowledge and research work of the student and faculty members at Government Medical College, Nandurbar.

List of Journals-

1 Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 1 Anatomical Science International
2 Indian Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 2 American Journal of Clinical Pathology
3 Indian Journal Of Anatomy 3 American Journal of Pathology
4 Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics 4 Annual Review of Biochemistry
5 Indian Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry 5 Annual Review of Microbiology
6 Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy & Physiology 6 Annual Review of Pharmacology & Toxicology
7 Indian Journal Of Clinical Biochemistry 7 Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
8 Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology 8 Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health
9 Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology 9 Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
10 Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology 10 Journal of Forensic & Legal Medicine
11 Indian Journal of Tuberculosis 11 Journal of Infectious Diseases
12 Indian Journal of Medical Research(4) 12 Journal of Parasitology
13 Journal of Anatomical Society of India 13 Journal of Public Health
14 Journal of Communicable Diseases 14 Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness
15 Journal of Family Medicine & Primary Care 15 Physiological Reviews
16 National Journal of Clinical Anatomy 16 Physiology (F:News In Physiological Sciences)
17 National Journal of Community Medicine
18 STM Research & Review-A Journal of Pharmacology

Online Journals

Maharashtra Health Sciences Nashik University has available free online E-books, Journals for research scholars. MUHS University Digital Library is a web based electronic storage and access environment that enables accessing information from a remote location. It has developed a Digital Library Network for dissemination of health science information resources to the authorized affiliated institutions under its jurisdiction.

Knimbus digital library provides all the open access resources (Journals, e-books, videos etc.) available on internet through single window search.

These open access resources are customised as per recommended text books, reference books and journals of various courses of MUHS.

In “Knimbus” digital library, you can search these resources subject wise as well as publisher wise. Some of the unique features of the Knimbus digital library are as below: -

1. Remote/off campus access
2. Mobile application-mLibrary
3. Federated search-single keyword search/single search window
4. Access to open access journals and eBooks
5. Department wise search
6. Librarian dashboard
7. Reports as per NAAC guidelines
8. User and content analytics

To get / avail all this benefits, you have to simply visit University website and select Knimbus digital library under digital library. To access Knimbus digital library, student/faculty needs to register them to Knimbus digital library by clicking “Sign In” and New User ? Sign up. After successful registration and approved by librarian of, MUHS student/ faculty will have access to Knimbus digital library.

Click the link for access Knimbus digital library -
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