Knimbus Digital Library

Knimbus Digital Library - mLibrary Preminum online database

Today's age is the age of science and technology and new knowledge is being created in the world today. Libraries are also changing their structure with time and are becoming more efficient to make information available to the readers in digital form. On the same lines, as Nandurbar is a predominantly tribal area, the enrolled students as well as the teachers who teach them have been provided with the latest and innovative knowledge and in accordance with the educational environment of Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad district, in accordance with the latest educational facilities, e-books and e-journals related to medical courses. Magazines in digital format and to make it available on their mobiles, mLibrary Preminum online database has been purchased for the Government Medical College, Nandurbar Institute and through that, e-books and e-periodicals have been made available to the students online through mobile apps. The said facility is very useful and is being used daily by the students and teachers.

Knimbus Digital library provides all the open access resources (Journals, e-books, videos etc.) available on internet through single window search. These open access resources are customized as per recommended text books, reference books and journals of various courses of MUHS. In “Knimbus” digital library, you can search these resources subject wise as well as publisher wise. Some of the unique features of the Knimbus digital library are as below: -

1. Remote/off campus access
2. Mobile application-mLibrary
3. Federated search-single keyword search/single search window
4. Access to open access journals and eBooks
5. Department wise search
6. Librarian dashboard
7. Reports as per NAAC guidelines
8. User and content analytics

To get / avail all this benefits, student have to simply register to the Central Library. After successful registration and approved by Librarian of, GMC Nandrubar student/ faculty will have access to Knimbus digital library.